The Grand Solar Spreads

The Mystic Science of the Cards is an ancient oracle of Time revealed as the 52 -card playing deck in our modern day. The secrets hidden within the deck are many, and it’s matrix of time itself is filled with astoundingly accurate information for each of us personal. Our personalities, nature and true character is revealed, as well as where we are in time and the choices relative to influences that are working behind the scenes of what we call reality. When I do a personal reading with the cards, I am accessing the 91 Grand Solar Spreads that are relative to you and where you are in time. I do not used a computerized system or program of any kind. This is a living, dynamic oracle, and though it is a matrix of time – the dynamic interactions on these spreads is there to be seen and interpreted in their totality.

The Grand Spirit Spread reveals the cards in their perfect, or natural order, from the Ace of Hearts to the King of Spades. The charts, and there are 91 in total, are read from right to left and top to bottom, on this spread beginning with the Ace of Hearts. This chart (below) reveals the origin and direction of humanity as a whole, and for each of us; where we have come from, the gifts that we bring with us into this life, and the essence of who we are which desires to be expressed.

Spirit Spread





















The Grand Life Spread reveals, according to the month and day we were born, where we have ‘landed’ in time for our life journey. This spread shows us the Life Path of each card in the deck, and the relationship between each and every card with all the other cards. These relationships determine our personal connections with one another; what they bring, the gifts, the challenges, and our karma with one another. There is enough information in this one chart to write volumes of books.

Mystic Life Spread copy 3


















Yearly, Seasonal, and Lunar cycles
influences are disclosed through the other 90 solar spreads in this ancient book of time. 7 Year cycles are also a governing umbrella of influence. The system is mathematically based and aligned with planetary influences and the unique and one-of-kind numerology that is specific to the deck of cards. This is not fortune telling in the traditional sense.