About the Cards

6C Card ImageIt’s All in the Cards…
Originating from ancient mystical roots, where they were hidden and
held as a powerful tool for divination and time keeping, the 52 playing cards have a history that is wide reaching and filled with stories of mystery and power. Virtually every country in the world has it’s own stylized version of the deck of 52 Cards.

In the distant past, the playing cards were used for everything from time-keeping to divination to military strategies, and the foretelling of war. In our world today the deck is widely used for amusement – to have fun – for gambling in hopes of material gain, and fortune telling to give us guidance – we play solitaire when we’re alone, and teach our children to play card games to pass the time.

It is believed that the card deck was our first calendar. Judge for yourself:
• there are 52 cards in the deck and 52 weeks in the year.
• there are 4 Suits and 4 seasons.
• there are 13 cards in each suit and 13 weeks in each of the seasons.
• there are 12 Court Cards (jacks, queens, kings) and 12 months.

When added together (1+2+3, etc.. through the entire deck) the total is 364. Add the Joker as 1, and the total is 365, the number of days in the year. This oracle is actually the matrix of time.

The foundation of the deck is based on a universal numeric system that has been used throughout time by countless ancient cultures, mystic orders, and mystery schools. And hidden within the magic filled numbers and sacred symbols of Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, and Spades, lie the keys to man’s origin, destiny, and journey through time.

The two main Grand Solar Spreads of the system, sometimes referred to as God’s Plan and Man’s Plan – reveal the path of our Destiny as it unfolds from the beginning of time – from birth to death, and every moment in between. The mathematically based charts of time show our origin, what we bring with us into this life, who we are and the possibilites of what we can manifest in this lifetime.

Referred to as the Lost Book of Time from the Ancient Order of the Magi, this system could be one of the oldest oracles known to man. What’s more, the deck holds the keys to our inner and outer kingdoms of life; keys that unlock our awareness to the greater potential of who we are as individuals, together as a whole, and ultimately as a force becoming one in our collective consciousness.

In this system each day of the year is mathematically aligned with a specific playing card. Some cards rule only one day in the year, while others rule as many as twelve. According to this ancient science we have a Birth Card, Spirit Card, Soul Card, and Planetary Card. All of which are determined on the day we were born.

Our Birth Card has a 13 card Life Path which speaks of who we are, what our gifts and challenges are, and how best to realize our true nature while walking the path of our destiny and expressing the wisdom we embody.

All of this amazingly accuracte information is shown in the cycles of time that are relevent to the placement of our Birth Card, showing influences that are at work, day in and day out. Through precise mathematical structures of time, this system offers personal guidance for living as we awaken to our true potential.

We have 56, 28, 13, 7, and 1 year cycles, which hold within them, smaller cycles, down to the day. We can literally use this information for day by day guidance with decision making in business, romance, health and medical care, our creative endeavors, and more. More importantly, deeper study can reveal our truest Self, and our destiny.

The Four Suits

Hearts represent people, family, home, beauty children, youth, and childhood. They represent our passion and they teach us of love. When our hearts awaken we know compassion and we live in gratitude.

Hearts represent the beginning of human emotions, love, life with others, family, relationships, and all things having to do with feelings. This is, in the mystic science of the cards, the first suit in the order of the deck. The Heart suit represents our early years in life and our emotional preparation for our journey through time. We create our most important foundations for living in our early years, and if those years are filled with healthy caregiving, we develop clear emotional boundaries and good discernment. We develop foundations of self-awareness and confidence. People born in the Heart suit relate to life through their feelings. These are the people- people. People are important. Most important. Feelings are important. Most of the lessons for the Heart people have to do with relationship.

Clubs represent the realm of the mind, and all things having to do with it; such as learning, education, teaching, communication, research, and sharing. They teach us the importance of knowledge ~ the awakened mind cultivates understanding, and knows the power of focus. As each card passes through its specific day, we have the opportunity to learn from its influences and embody its strengths, in practical, applicable ways. This is true every day, and as we enter this sacred domain of the Mind, perhaps with these royal cards of self-mastery, we will unite on the mental planes and raise our conscious awareness colllectively and intentionally through the contributions of thoughts, and see that refelcted in the form of events that manifest in our world. Club’s are learning to use the mind in conjunction with the other three suit’s intelligence.

Diamonds represent values, money, and action. They teach us of higher values, and this quote of Wallace D. Wattles, from his book The Science of Getting Rich (1901), says it well:

“You are to become a creator, not a competitor. You are going to get what you want, but in such a way that when you get it, every other person whom you affect will have more than he has now.”

Diamonds oversee manifestation on the material plane. People born in this suit are concerned with the worth and the value of things, and the people in their lives. Lessons for Diamond’s relate to values, money, and the ability to manifest in the world. Diamonds teach us to live with the greatest integrity while taking action with our ideas. The awakened Diamond is the teacher of integrity and higher values.

Spades represent labor, health, and wisdom and they teach us diligence and wisdom through determination and self-mastery.
The Spade suit synthesizes the energies of the Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds, in order to bring forth wisdom through all endeavors. Spades represent work, labor, spirituality, and wisdom. They also govern health. Often when the Spades are ruling the days in the calendar, things can seem more laborious for some. For others there is greater wisdom, and for many – health issues come up. Each card bears its own brand of wisdom for us to learn from. The Five teaches us to dance in the moment with the ever present nature of change, learning from our experiences as we go. The Four says, take those experiences and build something solid from them; to the Three who than says now express what you have learned, and then (Two) share it in partnership to bear fruit, and then take it to the next level (Ace) and prepare for success, for the Diamonds are coming – beginning with the King.

Together the suits reveal the ways to the higher paths of living; through learning compassion and understanding, right values and the art of creative manifestation, and ultimately – the attainment of self-mastery for each of us.


~  What’s Your Card?  ~

One of those days of the year is your birthday – and your birthday is governed by a specific playing card. Your Birth Card determines your Life Path in this ancient system, and that path reveals where you are in time at any given moment and the influences that are governing the events, people, and possibilities in your life.

Enter Your Birthday

Your Four Personal Significators

YOUR BIRTH CARD – Determined by the month and day you were born, this card represents your soul’s expression. This card’s influence manifests as your distinguished signature to be expressed in the world. We embody the essence of this card as an expression of self, and identify with it deeply. Our lessons are embodied in this card.

YOUR SPIRIT CARD – This card represents the inner environment and psyche, and what you deal with inside of your own mind. This is an aspect of you that wants to experience the fulfillment of self-expression. This card carries your challenges and your opportunities, meaning: when you embrace and resolve those challenges that are specific to this card, they become your rewards.

YOUR PLANETARY RULING CARD – This is the card in your life path that corresponds with the ruling planet of your astrological sign. We identify with this influence on the mental level, and act out the characteristics of this card. This card is like an overlay of traits and characteristics in our personality, we often think that this is who we are. This card’s Life Path has to do with our karmic journey, and represents how others see us.

YOUR SOUL CARD – This card embodies the gifts that you bring into this life. This card shows you ‘how’ to manifest who it is that you really are in essence, and it reveals the gifts that you bring with you into this life. It reveals where you have come from, and it is the representative of your Soul’s true essence and nature.